About the Wabanaki Marketplace

marketplace-final-01.pngThe Wabanaki Marketplace launched in 2017 as an online store specializing in the sale of authentic Wabanaki art. Based out of Orono, Maine, we are dedicated to advancing small creative Wabanaki businesses by providing marketing, business training, and an online marketplace to expand sales opportunities to Wabanaki artists, connecting them with customers from all over the world.

For thousands of years, citizens of the Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot nations – collectively known as the Wabanaki or People of the Dawn Land – have been creating beautiful objects from the bountiful trees, grasses, shells, rocks, and animals provided by nature. Today, members of the Wabanaki continue to create these traditional art forms protected for them from generation to generation while also incorporating this cultural knowledge into their engagement with contemporary materials and art forms.

Inspired by culture and created by hand, the Wabanaki Marketplace works with these artists to bring unique works of art from our home to yours. 

The Wabanaki Marketplace is a Four Directions Development Corporation initiative.